Feral camping children

August 14, 2018

Is it just me, or does anyone else spend a week packing a trailer to take two relatively well behaved/ civilized children camping for three nights in the forest only to drive home a few nights later with what can only be describes as feral children?! And I really mean this! This is our forth camping trip this summer and my husband and I both look at each other on the drive home with pure fear in our eyes as we know the adjustment to living in civilization and not a forest is a huge one for our kids. It be fair we basically let them just run completely wild, only stopping them from whatever game they are playing in the forest lining our campsite to try and feed them some morsel of food only to have them race off again. Our kids love to camp, love love love to camp. Part of me thinks its the freedom to run wild and be one with nature, part of me thinks its the lack of electronics they have access to, or maybe more accurate is the lack of electronics we, their parents have access to. Whatever it may be, one thing is for certain our kids love the forest. They always have a hard time when we get home for a few days readjusting to life at home. This camping trip my son only wore a shirt for a few hours one day. He basically lives in our Wet Shield pants because he loves how he can climb trees or slide down dirt hills and won't hurt his legs. I also love that they protect him from things like ticks because basically at this point he is a wild animal susceptible of get them! Tonight while I was on my four thousandth load of laundry, which lets talk about how that seems impossible because getting them to change clothes while camping just doesn't happen, my son says to me, while bouncing on the trampoline "it's just not as much fun mom, I like being a wild boy more". It's funny how I can spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy toy for him like a trampoline but what he loves most is just running through the forest with sticks in hand making crazy animal noises. So for the next few days I will repeat the following phrase more times than I'd like to until everyone remembers what it's like to utilize indoor plumbing.



"Please use the bathroom INSIDE! Do not nature pee in my garden"



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